Succesful at work? Something quite different nowadays

Being succesful at work was all about a good performance, reaching your goals and moving your organisation forward. The corona pandemic has changed that drastically. Working from home demands a lot of your team spirit, as the team is not where it used to be. Your attitude and your efforts towards the greater good, will determine whether you are being succesful much more so than in the past. 


bullet Flexibility has become very important. Adapting to the current circumstances and forward thinking about the situation thereafter will show how flexible you really are.

bullet Scenariobuilding is an essential part of this. Looking forward, making plans for the future, ongoing gathering of information and adapting your scenario’s time and again are key.

bullet Cooperation is even more crucial in the virtual world of work than in the real one. Isolation lies in wait, while nobody is capable of solving the challenges every organisation is facing on her own. Actively seek for ways to cooperate with others. Also with these co-workers where it’s not a formal necessity.

bullet Helping your co-workers has become important. Some struggle with doing their job while having children at home, the loss of a family member or loved one, isolation or simply with the technique we’ve become so dependent on. Offer your help or simply listen when somebody’s having a difficult time.

bullet Caring for your team belongs within the same category. Start every meeting with asking how everybody is doing. Everybody experiences this crisis in another and personal way. Just be there for them.

bullet The ‘how’ is sometimes more important than the ‘what’. The ‘how’ determines how your organisation will arise from this crisis. That can be with solidarity, resilience and joy or with depression and absenteeism. You can play an important part in this.

bullet Take stock by the end of every week. Make sure that you are on the right track.

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Good luck! Marja Wagenaar

 A new job on April 1st? How to make that work from home.

When you start a new job on April 1st, there is a high probability that it will be from home. Getting yourself orientated will be more difficult than usual. But even in this unusual situation you can create some certainties. Communication is key. Communicate more instead of less.


bullet Ask your manager which specific expectations there are. For the first week and for the first month.

bullet Explore if there is time for a virtual orientation or if you are expected to deal with people & issues and to make decisions straightaway.

bullet Explain about your homelife (eg. children home from school) and agree on your availability.

bullet Ask for two buddies. Colleagues who you can ask any question anytime. Contact them as often as possible. At least every day.

bullet If you are going to lead a team, get acquainted with the team as a whole and with all individual members in the very first days. Ask them individually how their situation is under the current circumstances and what they need from you right now.

bullet Explore the new working culture. How does your new organisation deal with decisions, information and people? Ask questions about it and discuss your observations with your buddies.

bullet Formulate what you need to learn and unlearn to be succesful in your new job.

bullet It feels harder to approach a colleague or a superior by videocall than by walking by their office. Let go of any hesitation! Immediately. Without these contacts you cannot have a succesful start.

bullet Take stock by the end of every week. Discuss this with your superior. Make sure that you are on the right track.

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Good luck! Marja Wagenaar