About Leadership

bullet In economic hard times there’s always an outcry for great leadership. The leadership question is therefore often simplified and idolized. Our approach to leadership is different, modified and sustainable.

We recognize a set of leadership capabilities: Vision, the Ability to Communicate, Autonomy, Reliability, Problem Solving and the Ability to Execute. In every leader or in those who aspire to become one some of these capabilities come natural to a person. Others need to be developed or strengthened depending on the needs of the organization and personal motivation.

Circumstances like the current economic crisis also ask for an ethical approach of leadership. Foregoing self-interest for the sake of the common good or more specific the interest of the organization and its environment has become more important lately.

For the same reason the concept of organizational leadership will gain considerable weight in the near future. The concept of organizational leadership focuses on strengthening the organization as a whole and thereby diminishing its dependence on a chosen few. Organizational leadership is inclusive and not exclusive and therefore perfectly tailored to the 21st century organization occupied by knowledge workers.  bullet